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Autoloader 1/8 with Omniback II

Siraj Ahmed
Occasional Visitor

Autoloader 1/8 with Omniback II

Can someone tell me how do we use Autoloader 1/8 with Omniback II for compressed data backup of 80 GB on single media, I tried with 40/80 GB DLT media but it stops at 49 GB and asks us to load a different media, why is so? Also let me know how do I take Automated backup on all the 8 Media continously without manual intervention.
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Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Autoloader 1/8 with Omniback II


What kind of data do you back up. The compression ratio depends on this.
For example:

- Plain text files will give about 2-1 ratio.
- Database files can contain much "empty space" and you can get a better ratio.
- "Computing" programs (FEM etc.) can give a ratio at 1.3-1 or so.
- If data on the disk alredy is compressed you cant expect any further compression at all.

It the media in the autoloader is unprotected and there in no other mismatches (wrong media pool for the backup spec. or device) OmniBack should be able to use all medias unattended as long as there is space left on any media. You must check your configuration in detail.
For example:
- Is the respository updated "scan".
- Is the media in the respository from the right pool.
- Pool allocation policy.
- Media (appendable or not, protected).
- etc. ...