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Autoloader 1/9 transport assembly with no power

Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Autoloader 1/9 transport assembly with no power


We had a client today complaining that his autoloader 1/9 gave him a hard error. We went on site, and found that the transport assembly was stuck with no power. When we touched it (by hand), immediately the assembly lit its LEDs up!! That was weird...

After that, the autoloader booted correctly with no hard errors.

Anyone knows what this could mean? We really just touched the transport assembly... no force whatsoever...

Firmware of the autoloader is 2.33 and drive firmware is 59.

Thanks in advance,
Tape Drives RULE!!!
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Autoloader 1/9 transport assembly with no power

power is feed to picker by two rails located in the top and bottom of picker assembly, and if operating in dusty environment these rails can be contaminated, and contact loss can occur. In current situation I would propose to run picker move test for some (maybe hundreds of) iterations to clear rails. Also please check environment library functions in. In worst case, if rails or picker contacts got excessively contaminated, picker should be replaced. If library is not under warranty/contract you can try to clean picker by yourself