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Autoloader 418 & StorageWorks L&TT

Bernie Mulcahy
Occasional Contributor

Autoloader 418 & StorageWorks L&TT

I am running a model 418 (C6280-4000, firmware 2.12) on Win2K. I upgraded to the storageworks software vers 3.2 SR1 about a month ago.

Since the upgrade the "Frontpanel" option in the software doesn't work. It is always "greyed-out". The frontpanel option worked before I upgraded to L&TT version 3.2.

Any ideas to get this option working again?


Holger Mehlkopf
Occasional Advisor

Re: Autoloader 418 & StorageWorks L&TT

Hei Bernie,

this is the second case I recornized .

Sorry, but there is no know issue for your problem.

Use the SR 3.1 and wait for the next version if you want to use the Frontpanel Option .

Cheers Kuifje
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Autoloader 418 & StorageWorks L&TT

That defect has been reported and will be fixed in an upcoming version. Sorry about the inconvenience.