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Autoloader DAT 40x6e

Claudio Rinnert
Occasional Visitor

Autoloader DAT 40x6e

Hi, everybody.

I have a SureStore DAT 40x6e (C5713A) plugged on a Netserver LH-6000 running Netware 6. I use ARCServeIT 7.0 as my backup tool, and my environment is unstable. Once, and just once, it works well. In fact, my ARCServe not recognize the unit as a charger, just as a single driver.

I have a doubt: Netware should recognize the two addresses of autoloader (number 7 for charger and number 5 for unit), or in command LIST DEVICES just the single unit??s address appears?
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Autoloader DAT 40x6e

Hello Claudio,
SCSI ID 7 is usually used (reserved) by SCSI adapters. Please change AC SCSI ID to, for example, 6. But, as you know, ID7 has the highest SCSI priority (that's why used by controllers) and ID0 has lowest priority. So as there're 2 SCSI devices inside the unit and they are not high-speed devices I recommend to set-up AC ID=0 and DRV ID=1 with SCSI controller ID=7.