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Autoloader Vs Library

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Autoloader Vs Library

Hi ...

Currently we do have ultrim 920 and Ultrim960 tape drives, and we are looking to purchase new autoloader OR tape library to handle the backup process.

my question:
can we purchase a tape library or autoloader without tape drives? in other words, can we reuse the current tape drives we have with the tape library or autoloader?

also i need to know what is the main differences between the tape library and the autoloader?

thanks in advance,
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Re: Autoloader Vs Library

1. All librarirs I have seen come with at least 1 drive, btu I would suggest speaking to your vendors and asking the question.

2. An Autoloader is a single drive, multiple catridge unit with a single robot.

A Taope Library is a Multiple Drive,Robot,Cartridge capable unit for running multple jobs/tasks simultaneously.

For more details see:
Richard Bickers
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Re: Autoloader Vs Library

Although the physical mechanisms are the same, library drives run different firmware and they come in caddies which provide the library to drive communication port, power, cooling, hot plugging etc.

I'm afraid you won't be able to re-use your standlone drives in either autoloaders or libraries.

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