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Autoloader is offline in ca arcserve

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Autoloader is offline in ca arcserve

msl 6000 is offline in ca arcserve (device)
restart server and Autoloader
but Autoloader is offline ?!?
Thanks you for any information on this subject.
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Re: Autoloader is offline in ca arcserve


There could be many reasons the library to show offline in backup application ::

1. Verify if there is any error on the front panel when the library is shown offline in Arcserve.
2. Ensure there is no other application on the backup server that is running simultaneously with the Arcserve ( this will result in I/O conflict).
3. Install and run Drive assessment test using Library and Tape Tools ( ).
4. Ensure you are running the latest Tape device drivers.
5. Attach a support ticket for further analysis.
Note :: Stop the Arcserve services and only then launch the Library and tape tools.