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BAD Media

Ravikant Bhagat
Occasional Advisor

BAD Media

1)I have run the omnimm -reset_poor_media on the poor media in the data protector.
But still it is showing in "Poor" flag only.
OR VErify will destory any data from the tape.
2) After formatting the Media is there anything we need to do to initial the tape or we can directly start the backup

pls advice
Trusted Contributor

Re: BAD Media


1) If the tape is still showing that it is poor after the reset poor media, then it could be that your tape needs replacing. Try to format the tape, thus deleting it. If it still says poor after a full format, then bin it!

2) After formatting the media, there is no need to do anything else to it, you can then set off your backup, when required. Make sure you put it in the right pool for your backups.

Hope that helps.

If I can, I will!
Ravikant Bhagat
Occasional Advisor

Re: BAD Media

Thanks JASH ....