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BE turns off compression for SSL1016 tape unit

Bill Davis_1
Occasional Visitor

BE turns off compression for SSL1016 tape unit

Is anyone getting more than 150 mb/min with the SSL1016 and Backup Exec?

I am running BE ver 9.1 with SP2, the SSL1016 tape library, and a 29160 SCSI HBA adapter. The best I get is 150 mb/min which is about 2.5 mb/sec. The specs on the tape unit are 3 mb/sec for uncompressed and 6 mb/sec for compressed. The problem is, I start each job with "compreesion checked" on the tape unit, in the software I select "Hardware compression otherwise none." When the job is done, I go and look at the tape unit and the compression is unchecked and the performance of the backup falls in line with the 3 mb/sec uncompressed.

Anyone have any idea why this unit is not doing a hardware compression and backing up at the 6 mb/sec rate?
Michael Richter
Trusted Contributor

Re: BE turns off compression for SSL1016 tape unit


under following link u can find a list with recommendet HBA Adabters for several Drives

please write which drive is built in the lib ( SDLT or DLT !?)

use the L&TT and make a assesment test with compression 2:1 and have a look in the support-ticket

best regards
Michael Richter