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BIOS selection for T3000

Luis Alonso
Occasional Visitor

BIOS selection for T3000

My father in law has a T3000 but don't remember how he ever goit it installed. So I'm trying to set it up in an NT 4.0 PC.

1) In a manual picture it sayed to make sure the color stripe in the bus cable was away from the power connection but when I do that the computer would give the Floppy disk error on boot. Am I doing this right.

2) What do I need to select in the BIOS for the drive B: 5.25 (360k,1.2M) or 3.5 (720K,1.44M,2.88M)

3) For what I read NT sould detectet and prompt for the driver (QIC117.sys) from the NT CD. My don't, probalbly due to my BIOS selections 3.5 (1.44M).

Any other suggestion ??
Thanks for your help !!