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Backup Exec 9.0 & HP 1/8 Ultrium (C9572CB)

Brad Waddle
Occasional Visitor

Backup Exec 9.0 & HP 1/8 Ultrium (C9572CB)

I am using a HP 1/8 StorageWorks Ultrium1 (C9572CB) and BackupExec 9.0 on a Windows 2000 SP2 server.

My problem is I can backup approximately 18Gb of data with no errors, however when I exceed that number I recieve the following alert message "The memory in the tape cartridge has failed..."

I get a successful backup, but I recieve a "Media Attention" alert on the device as well as a "!" for the slot which locks the slot down.

What I want to know is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong. The tapes are brand new and this occurs with every tape.

Please help!!

-Bradley Waddle
Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: Backup Exec 9.0 & HP 1/8 Ultrium (C9572CB)

Nope - ur not doing anything wrong....

ensure that the buexec rev = ver9 build 4454

go to and check that it has the latest fw on the robot and drive and then check with L&TT's "CM" script if that chip {which holds such things as "usage information", "end of data tables", load-counts and info to make the tape access quicker} is really defect. If so i personally would replace the media as it could give slower read access to your data. Some more info on ur media and drive can be found on these sites
If U want to; let's get technical.... :P