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Backup Exec Error

tim dang
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Backup Exec Error

I'm getting error message: Error - Mount failed. Physical Volume Library Drive or Robot paused, offline, or disabled. I'm using Backup Exec 9 and NT4. The Library in BE9 is in Offline status.
tim dang
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Re: Backup Exec Error

When I try to do a firmware update tl891dlx display "comm error" , "hard error" and "In Flux". Hopefully this will give you more clues. thanks.
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Re: Backup Exec Error

What Type of Library are using?
Do you get an Event ID# or log?

is the error you getting like this one?

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Re: Backup Exec Error


I assumed your using backup set from tape device and not from backup to disk. If Im correct, try the ff. for isolation.

- try to download and use an update veritas tape driver, make sure your using Bent9.0 revision 4454 and not 4367, but if 'ur using 4367 just make sure you also installed an updated veritas 4367 servicepack ( be4367RSP1e_255694.exe )or latest.

- check your scsi connection, proper termination.

- test some off-line files to be backup from disk and disable temporarily you tape device.
Try to retore this from another folder or lacation and if this things works then the issue is more on device.

Hope this helps,

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Chris Wyld
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Re: Backup Exec Error

Have you tried going to the Devices tab in BE 9, clicking on your device and making sure the 'device pause' box is not checked?
If it is, just uncheck it. That's happened to me for unexplained reasons before.