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Backup and Ultra320 SCSI adapter

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Backup and Ultra320 SCSI adapter

For using HP 1U Rack-Mount Tape Backup Kit as external backup system, I believe I'll need a SCSI adaptors on both the Tape Backup Kit and the server. But I have some questions about this:

1) It looks like that the HP 1U Rack-Mount Tape Backup Kit only supports the Ultra320 SCSI adapter. I did not see the adaptec 29160 card in the configuration selection list. Also, I did not see the Ultrium 230 tape drive, either. Please refer to the HP's site:

2) If the Ultra320 SCSI adapter is the only choice for Rack-Mount Tape Backup Kit, can say that I'd better choose the USB interface, instead? Besides, nowadays, you can almost plug in to anything with a USB.

3) Is it true that the SCSI interface on the tape backup unit must be exactly same as that on the server? If so, I do not see the
29160 card on the configuration list for the server, either. And it even clearly states that for the HP StorageWorks external tape backup options, "An Ultra 320 SCSI Adapter is required". Please refer to HP's site:

--What should I do?

Thanks to share your view and comments.

Jaclyn Rothe
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Re: Backup and Ultra320 SCSI adapter

If you notice on the page it says "recommended". This does not mean compatible/in-compatible or supported/unsupported.

A rackmount is merely a skin with some connections on it so you can provide power to your drives.

A rackmount has no influence on the unit you put in it, or the scsi card you need for it.

Essentially a Rack is just a shelf that holds your devices. There will not be a compatibility issue with which scsi card you put in your server to connect your drive with.

Here is the part for the LTO 230: Ultrium 230 Rackmount (Einstein) Carbon rack/internal 350545-B21
This drive is rackmountable and can accept rails.

That is the only difference between an internal and external model. It does not matter what drive you put in the rackmount, you need to use the proper (suggested) scsi card to get the reliable back up for that drive.

See this document for HBA adapters for tape drives:

Remember when you are searching through, that proliant servers are used for a wide variety of things and not all possible configurations can be addressed. We are referring specifically to tape drives and scsi cards that they need to work properly.

You can invest in an Ultra 320 card, but like I said this is not necessary for tape drives because they don't transfer data that fast. You will probably just get problems for using a 320 card because of the fast transfer rate. I wouldn't want to see you buy something almost 3X faster than what you require and at a higher price. when you could have purchased the HP Storage departments Recommended scsi card... an adaptec 29160.