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Re: Backup configuration

Goran Dzelajlija
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Backup configuration


Please i need advise,

I try to create backup job, and i would like to have 1 mounth protected files, so i read at help doc and find out that i can use simple 4 rotation.

Is that mean that i need 4 tapes and one backup job for them.

can someone explane to me how rotation 4 works..

thank you in advance.

TapeDrive Killer 1 2
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Re: Backup configuration

Thats 4 Tape cartridges total they all do a Full overwrite backup.
1 Monthly
1 Weekly
2 Dailys
This means you will have Data Versions from the last day of the month, last friday and past 2 days. See the picture.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles