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Backup device control system

Occasional Contributor

Backup device control system


Anyone know how to control the HPUX SCSCI subsystem ?
What standard HPUX command can be used to eject the tape in the drive ?

I am trying to use StorageTek 9730 autochanger under Hpux11.00 using mtx opensource driver program and I have got this error:
cannot open SCSI device '/dev/rac/c5t6d0' -I/O error.
Anyone can help ? Thanks in advance.
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Backup device control system


Generally you make use of the 'mc' command to do this. In saying that have you configured the correct device for the actual robot?

If not you may wish to utilise the attached document, where assists in creating the device. There is also a man page for 'mc'

Anyone for a Mutiny ?