Backup dilemma

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Backup dilemma

I have been asked to provide a Backup network using Fibre Channel.  I am new to this technology and backup software, so need assistance.


The kit list is as follows


6 * Proliant DL series servers consisting of DL380 G4 and DL385 storage servers.

1 * HP MSL6000 1 LTO-3 Ultrium 960 Drive 2Gb FC Library

1 * HP MSL6060 2 LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 Drive 4Gb FC Library

1 * Spare HP e1200-320 4Gb Fibre Channel Interface Card

1 * HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/16

6 * HP StorageWorks FC1142SR 4Gb PCI-e HBA


Data Protector 6.5 backup software


I have started off simple and just connected a single DL380 to the MSL6000 FC Library, although I can see the libary HBA, I cannot see the LTO drives.  If I connect the MSL 6060 I get connection errors, so cannot even see the Library HBA


How can I check if the FC cards are working correctly?  How can I see the tape drives in Device Manager?


Any help would be appreciated.

Curtis Ballard
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Re: Backup dilemma

A couple of simple tips that might start you off.


You have two devices in the system that can provide access security but at the same time those devices can prevent access when you want it.  The libraries have a fibre bridge with access controls built in - you may need to log into those and open up access.  Check your MSL documentation.  The FC switch also has zoning ability and you will need to have the zoning disabled or opened up enough to get the correct access.


A simple starting test is to connect direct from the HBA to the FC bridge in the library - do you get a link light?  Can you see the drives and library?  If you get link but don't see everything then you probably need to connect to the bridge and configure mapping.  If you do get a connection then you can insert the FC switch into the config and make certain you still have connection.