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Backup to Disk - MSA 20 - Share Experiences


Backup to Disk - MSA 20 - Share Experiences

Hi, we want to start doing backup to disks. Currently we have a DL 380 G3, with ARCServ 11.5. My question is regarding the disk hardware. We were thinking of using a MSA20, that comes with a Smart Array 6402, and (12) 500 GB SATA Disks to perform this backups to disks.

Any of you have had any experience doing backup a disks using normal SCSI or SATA Cages?

Any of you have any experience with the Virtual Tape Library offered by HP?

Ill appreciate any comments regarding your experience with backtp to disk.
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Re: Backup to Disk - MSA 20 - Share Experiences

Just a side note re MSA20 itself:
The MSA20 has a controller onboard, which handles all RAID operations (in all cases with the exception when attached to the MSA1500). Hence on a host end you need really ANY supported controller, e.g. SA-642 (which is roughly half price of the SA-6402) would do the job perfectly.
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