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BackupExec 9.0 will not see the library

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

BackupExec 9.0 will not see the library

I have a dedicated DL380 G2 on an EMC SAN (Symmetrix). The server has a dual port Qlogics HBA (QLA2202F). Both ports are connected to the Brocade fiber switch. One is zoned to a data volume, the other port is zoned to the Compaq MDR. The server sees the MDR upon boot. When I launch BackupExec, it hangs on NDMPD.NLM (error 1004) and abends the server. Bestart.ncf is configured for multi-lun support. The port mapped to the MDR is being loaded first in the startup.ncf. What might be the issue?

I have been told by Compaq that I have an unsupported configuration - third-party HBA. Veritas tells me that the Qlogics HBA is not in their support matrix as well.

Thanks in advance!