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Backups Fail Continually


Backups Fail Continually

Hi to everyone

In a fairly large san environment, we have a server zoned to an Overland Neo 8000 series tape library. Whenever backups are to be run, they fail. The error received is along the lines of "The Device, \Device\Scsi\ql23002, did not respond within the timeout period. Also "\Devic\Scsi\ql23002 is not ready for access yet." The Source is 'ql2300'

The card in question is an FC2214, driver version of type 'Storport'. The operating system is W2k3.

I have read microsoft article;en-us;842411 suspecting that it a TUR error.

The tape drives go offline (suspect pnp issue as der microsoft) but the hard drive does not.

Shall we install SanSurfer to view the HBA status?

Please help on this one?

Kind Regards
South Africa