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Scott Martin_3
Occasional Contributor


Here we go, I hope I get everything right!

We have 3 L-class servers that run our WMS system, 1 Application Server, 1 Backup Server (cell manager & failover box), & 1 database server. These all communicate with an FC60 array controller and 4 banks of SC10 disk clusters (10 drives in each set up in RAID 5 config).
We are running 2 Sure Store E fiber hubs set up redundant. 2 fiber connections each to the database server, the disk array, the application server, and the backup box. The backup box is also directly connected to the back of a Sure Store E tape library. The other 2 servers communicate to the tape drive via a 10/100 LAN connection.
We have been having trouble with the backups on our database server, where the backup takes much longer to run than it should and we have to abort it so everything will run in our cron. We haven't had a good backup in 10 days, and we were wondering how we could speed up throughput to the tape drive from the database server, the feeling being that the LAN connection may be a bottleneck. Can we disconnect the fiber connection from the cell manager (without causing any problems, allowing it to communicate to the tape drive via the LAN connection)and run it from one of the hubs to the tape drive? Will doing this allow everything to communicate directly to the tape drive via the fiber card in the tape drive?
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Backups

If I understand you correct the backup robot is not connected to the SAN. It would be the best solution in your case, back up the database servers direct to the library via SAN. I am not sure about your library, is it possible to add a FC card. If not you need a external FC Router/Bridge.

The second best solution is to add Network cards to the database servers and the Backup server, creating a dedicated backup lan. Either a GBit card or a 4*100MBit with all ports aggregated to one with the HP APA (auto port aggregate) software.