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Bad performance with MSL5026 & arcserve 2000

Shirma Petronilia
Occasional Contributor

Bad performance with MSL5026 & arcserve 2000

I have a throughput of approxiamtely 55MB and that is way too slow. What can I do to speed this up.

MSL5026 with DLT drive on a windows Nt6 + sp6 server.
Cameron Todd
Regular Advisor

Re: Bad performance with MSL5026 & arcserve 2000

What server are you running? Is it capable of better performance than this?
Have you checked that your SCSI cabling is properly terminated?

To determine if the tape system is at fault, setup and run a test backup job, note the KB/min throughput then midway through redirect the data to a "bit-bucket" (type "tapesvr disable writes" or whatever the Windows equivalent is if you aren't running NetWare).
This would show whether the tape subsystem was being a bottleneck (ie. if the throughput was to increase once tape taken out of the equation).

Check the Computer Associates website for other areas to look, or post some more specific details of your system here.

There could be a lot of performance areas such as tape IO buffers, server memory, block size etc that need tweaking.

Joseph T. Wyckoff
Honored Contributor

Re: Bad performance with MSL5026 & arcserve 2000

You may be able to tell your backup product to backup to a file...

Benchmark that... if the speed is the same the issue is probably ont he filesystem sourcing the data.

If the speed is better, then look for something more towards the tape drive.

55 MB / sec is not bad...

In many cases the underlying performance issue is the I/O buss of the server itself.

If your scsi card is in the same PCI buss as the network card, or the disk controller, you have the PCI speed limit (100mbyte, or 150mbyte, or some such...)
Omniback and NT problems? double check name resolution, DNS/HOSTS...