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Best software for MSL5030

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Oscar Garcia
Regular Advisor

Best software for MSL5030

Hi everybody,

I am about to order a MSL5030, 1 Dr Ultrium 230 Labrary and I would like to know what would be the best option to managed it. The product recommended in the quote is Open View Protector Cell Manager but that is very expensive.

I am not really familiarised with this libraries and I know there are different products so I really want to do a wise choice.

We have Proliant servers running SBS2003 with veritas Backup Exec 9.1 , linux, L class ones just running cpio and I want to centralized all this if is possible.

Thanks for your comments
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Best software for MSL5030

We use Data Protector (formerly OmniBack) Cell Manager and have been very happy with it. True, it is expensive, but the product is superb. It will handle all your platforms: Windoze, linux, HP-UX, and your database as well (there are modules for Oracle, Informix, Sybase, SAP, etc.) - all from a central location. I honestly feel it's worth the price.


Robert-Jan Goossens_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Best software for MSL5030

Hi Oscar,

Backup is core business, a good product will save money in the end.

HP Omniback (Data Protector)
Legato Networker
Tivoli Storage Manager

All the above product are good but expensive.

Hope this helps,
Christian Schwartz-Søre
Regular Advisor

Re: Best software for MSL5030

If you're in a Windows / Linux environment I recommend you take a look at the new Backup Exec 10. The product has many new enhancements and advanced features taken from the enterprise product VERITAS NetBackup.
New high speed Linux agents are also introduced along with advanced backup to disk.
Depending on your environment, BE will be sufficient, you need certain requirements and a large number of servers and storage for BE not to be sufficient.

Richard Ward_6
Frequent Advisor

Re: Best software for MSL5030

I'll second what Christian said. Upgrade to Backup Exec 10. I have done that and also will be running Netbackup 5.1 for my SAN attached servers.

Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: Best software for MSL5030


I usually encounter BackupExec when I replace it with Data Protector at customers sites ;-)

Data Protector is defintely my preferred choice. Talk a bit wot the vendor, there is usually a difference between list prices and the price you actually pay. Certainly iffyou tell that you could eg get another backup solution for a cheaper price. The game of negotiating.

But Data Protector rocks and is worth it's price.

best regards,
Oscar Garcia
Regular Advisor

Re: Best software for MSL5030

Thanks to all your comments