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Re: Brand new MSL8096 not working as expected

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Brand new MSL8096 not working as expected

We have a brand new MSL8096 (refurbished but is brand new with only 2 hours usage) and we seem to be having issues. Running the wellness tests fail, trying to get a tape into a drive failes also. Moving tapes between slots, running inventory and i think the demo test works as expected. The drives inside the unit are 2 x LTO-6 and 1 x LTO-5, however both the LTO-6 drives report as unsupported (the drives are not new)

I note that the firmware for the library is only 1040 but for HPE suggest the unit is out of warrany so I cannot update the firmwares.

Example of an error we get trying to load a drive (and D7 50 error on the control panel)

21.10.27 23:42:37.15 Libctrl task Error - HE: system error
Return status: 0x80 - command failed
Global error code: 0xD7 - HE: system error
System error: 0x50, 80
Current command: 0x15 - move cartridge
Task originator: 0x02 - CDB interpreter task
Extender library specifier: 0x00 - master library
Source element type.: 0x02 - storage slot
Element number: 0x01, 1
Destination element type.: 0x04 - tape drive
Element number: 0x01, 1
Component ID type: 0x02 - medium PVT (barcode)
Component ID: TEST01L5

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Re: Brand new MSL8096 not working as expected

i think fw - 1040 is too old for an LTO6, i have 1070 and thats feb 2012 and the LTO6 i think came out late 2012.


Re: Brand new MSL8096 not working as expected

You are correct, it seems like LTO-6 was not supported until 1090 (1080 was pulled) I am hoping that the supplier of the tape library can provide that firmware update for me (or even better the latest one which is believe is 1200).