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C1537 I/O error

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C1537 I/O error

I have a C1537 24iDat, and it gives me I/O erros when I try to run the Tape tool tests. When I run the calibration test, it say:
Error: 2408 - I/O An unexpected win32 error has been reported
Error: 2101 - I/O request timed out.

I think is is a hardware issue, if so is this drive still under waranty ?
Serial: GB21231603

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Re: C1537 I/O error


Do you need check this

1. Check SCSI connections
2. Terminator
3. and SCSI board.

See you!!
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Re: C1537 I/O error

SCSI cable is oke, I have another seagate tape streamer 4/8 with works fine. Also tried the hp 24i with 3 different scsi controlers.

Currently it is connected to a Adapted, 2940 UW.

The jumper on the dat dive Term power is connected, so I assume it is terminated with this jumper.

Hope you can do something with this info.
Vincent Farrugia
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Re: C1537 I/O error


From your description it's most probably a hardware issue, like you said.

Regarding whethwer it's under warranty or not, I'm sorry but I can't check those things.

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