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C1537A 24i I/O error

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C1537A 24i I/O error

When i try to calibrate the c1537A 24i dat drive using the hp tape tool program, ik gives me the following errors:

Error: 2408 - I/O An unexpected win32 error has been reported.
Error: 2101 - I/O request timed out.

Also when I try to do the read/write test it gives me I/O errors.

Is it a hardware issue ?




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Greg Ackerson
Occasional Advisor

Re: C1537A 24i I/O error

Can you use the tape drive normally? I.e. do you only get this error when calibrating? I started to get frequent I/O errors when my DDS2 tapes from 1999 started getting old. I had only used them a few times--but a friend told me that DATs "age" even when you aren't using them. So maybe you need new tapes.
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