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C1537A DAT24i, tape write problem

Steven Bell_2
Occasional Visitor

C1537A DAT24i, tape write problem

I'm using netware 5 with arcserve6, and my C1537A drive has suddenly started
giving "tape write" problems when trying to format tapes
I've tried this with 4 new sony DDS3 tapes and 2 working (in other servers) HP
DDS3 tapes, all to no avail. I then ran tapeassure.nlm, and got a pass for self
test, pass for connections, and a fail for read write, with this error

Error E30502

Hardware Error occurred.

Device has internal hardware problem.

1. Device has internal hardware problem.
2. Reset the device (power off & on the device).
3. Retry the operation and if problem continues, contact device vendor.

What next? new drive?



IT Support
Inverclyde Royal Hospital
(Sunny) Greenock



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Bob Light
Frequent Advisor

Re: C1537A DAT24i, tape write problem


Have you been using a cleaning cartridge on a regular basis?

If not, then try cleaning it 3-5 times in a row with one. If that doesn't work
then most likley it may need repair.

James Klauzner
Occasional Visitor

Re: C1537A DAT24i, tape write problem

Steven, I assume your unit was purchased new...thus you have all the documentation...
I just bought a second hand C1537A external drive for my Win2K Pro. Unfortunately, it came with no instructions or manual, etc.
I was wondering if you would know the following:
1. where is the serial number located
2. the exact model number & name of this unit. I have had little luck finding anything about this unit on the HP website.
3. is there some way (a dip switch, etc) of forcing this unit to use hardware compression
4. the LED next to the tape (active) LED is to indicate:
a. Tape needs cleaning
b. Compression is on

Thank you in advance for your help.
Robert Bean

Re: C1537A DAT24i, tape write problem

1. Try cleaning the drive 3 - 5 times in a row.
2. If you are able, bring the drive to a windows based system & run the Library & Tape Tools Diagnostic. This will test the functionality of your drive & also let you know if you need the updated firmware. You can get the L&TT Diagnostic at the following URL:
3. If you don't have the latest version of firmware, or can not bring it to a windows based system. You may need to call in to the support center & see if they could send you a tape to update your firmware.
Robert Bean

Re: C1537A DAT24i, tape write problem

1. The serial number for the HP tape drive will be on the bottom of the drive near the dip settings. It should start of by saying "HP/SN" it is typicaly a ten digit number starting with two letters.
2. The mobel number of the unit should be near the seriel number, it normally will start with a "C".
3. The Dat 24 drives are shipped with hardware compression enabled. Here are what the dip switch settings on the drive do/mean:
on on off on on on on on
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

To change the configuration:
Switch the drive off.
Select the correct configuration for your system.
Switch the drive on again.
For the drive to operate correctly, appropriate drivers and application software must be loaded on the host computer.

Switch functions
1) Data Compression
2) Data Compression
3) Media Recognition System (MRS), (usually).
4) |
5) |
6) | 4-6: Other functionality
8) |

4.The LED on the tape drive indicates the tape drive is in use, and when the drive needs cleaning, the clean LED will light up. There is no light sequence for compression with our drives.

I hope this helps.