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C1537A + NTBACKUP = Hardware Errors

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Torsten Dittel
Occasional Contributor

C1537A + NTBACKUP = Hardware Errors

HP C1537A DAT-Streamer (SCSI, DDS3) with NT4.0(SP5)-Server and Adaptec
2940UW-Controller doesn't work with NTBACKUP: Allways "Hardwarefehler" ("Error") while
Backing Up (read, write, rewind) ("aic78xx Ereignis 9: Das Ger?t
\Device\ScsiPort0 hat innerhalb der Fehlerwartezeit nicht geantwortet") ("...did not respond
within the timeout period")

Allready downloaded HP-driver,
Termination problems excluded, changed all cabels incl. Streamer, Streamer checked (everything OK).

Both SCSI-Drives and CD-ROM run fine.

Adaptec says: Disable "SCSI Disconnect" in 2940UW-BIOS

Microsoft ("I have 4 words for you..." ;-)) says:
Change data rate to 5MB/s

I tried both (slower than 10MB/s not possible), even
in combination, it didn't work.
What now? THANX,
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: C1537A + NTBACKUP = Hardware Errors

I have also a few word for you, disable wide negotiation and instal the hp driver aic78xx who has to be 66 Kb or more and not the 27 kb of native nt4 drive
this drive can be found at :
Torsten Dittel
Occasional Contributor

Re: C1537A + NTBACKUP = Hardware Errors

Hi Marino,
I don't know what's a "happy camper", but you earn the 10 points for your reply! Now everything works fine. I finally used the adaptec version of this 66K aic78xx.sys driver. I think the problem is that this driver is overwritten by the non-working Microsoft 26K version each time you install the Servive Pack again, but I'm not going to proove this until I have to do so. I disabled the Wide Negotiation and now the transfer rate is 5MB/s.
THANK YOU, you made me sleep again, Torsten