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C1539 DDS Drive not sensing the media

Occasional Advisor

C1539 DDS Drive not sensing the media

We have a DDS2 Drive model C1639-69202 with
capacity of 2-4/8GB in HP9000/827S with HPUX 10.20. The drive was working fine for last 2 years. now if we insert the DDS media which
was working fine with the same drive, the media
gets stuck inside the drive and no lights coming ON on the drive. if we try to check the Drive status by mt command, it gives I/O error.
If reboot the machine with power on/off, then
the drive senses and ejects the media.

Could someone help me to find out whether this is media problem or Drive problem or some other.

Thanks in advance
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Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: C1539 DDS Drive not sensing the media

If you have support contract for this drive it would be time to get it replaced.
Anyone for a Mutiny ?