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C1557A SureStore 24x6 eject problem

Alastair Gregory
Occasional Contributor

C1557A SureStore 24x6 eject problem

Hello all,
I have the C1557A SureStore 24x6 DDS3 autoloader with NT 4.0 Server. Has worked fine for a long time then suddenly failed. Symptoms are:

- can only eject mag with a forced eject (which does work).
- cannot load or unload tapes using front panel buttons
- cannot select a tape using the front panel
- L&TT reports that tapes "may be sticking" and recommends using the forced eject, but eject & reload does not solve the problem. On inserting the mag, the tapes are checked as usual. Tapes are quite new (<3 months old)
- No error indication on the LCD or LEDs
- L&TT is not able to run diagnostics on the autoloader's drives. It reports an error. I don't have the text & have disconnected the unit for inspection, but it is something to the effect that it cannot identify the DAT drive.
- L&TT hangs up when I try to exercise the tape handling.

Any suggestions are welcome!
Alastair Gregory

Honored Contributor

Re: C1557A SureStore 24x6 eject problem

This wont solve all of your problems but there should be an "option" switch on the back of the unit. It may be set for 6 or 7. Whatever it is set to, change it to the other (6 or 7). These options change the behavior of the cartidges in the autoloader.

Sorry I cant be more specific since I dont have any documentation with me at the moment.

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Steve W
Trusted Contributor

Re: C1557A SureStore 24x6 eject problem

Try physically removing the autoloader from the SCSI bus and cycling the power. It could be that the host is sending the "Prevent medium removal" command to the device and so effectively locking the front panel out. If you can then load/unload tapes and mags successfully then start looking to the software configuration, otherwise, you might have a bad front panel assembly...