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C1557a compression

Michael McCabe_1
Occasional Visitor

C1557a compression

I have taken over control of a server with a C1557a DDS3 autochanger unit. So far I have not been able to exceed 11Gb on a single tape.

I have checked the dip switches and compression is activated, no compession software is active on the system and the
data being transfered is not compressed.

HP_ltt shows no problems with the drive and compression switched on.

During testing I switched copmression off and ran a volume backup. Only change in operation that showed up was an increase in data transfer speed of about 10,000k per minute, maxing at abour 59,000k.

System running Netware 5.1, Arcserve 6.6

Anyone any ideas.


Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: C1557a compression

When you configure the drive in Arcserve is there any setting for the SCSI-adress (I suppose it is).
Does it look like:

If it ends with N, try with change to C.

Michael McCabe_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: C1557a compression

No configuration value seems to match.

I've attached a copy of the config file