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C4386B Travan 4/8GB firmware revision

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C4386B Travan 4/8GB firmware revision

1) I could determine f/w revision in NT4.0 easily (control panel -> tape devices -> properties). The revision is listed. However, I can't find a way to determine it in Win2000. Any ideas?

2) What tool(s) should I use to test and download firmware? The C4386B is an IDE device and I do no think it is supported in L&TT. Can someone confirm and make a recommendation?
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Re: C4386B Travan 4/8GB firmware revision

You've got an 8GB drive>

2.08 was the last issued firmware for this device and you can't use LTT, you must use a different utility that isn't supported on WIN2K:〈=English+%28US%29&pnameOID=12504&prodSeriesId=63937&prodTypeId=12169&basePartNum=co109&locBasepartNum=co109en&os=Microsoft+Windows+95&tech=Firmware
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