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C5683A - DDS-4 tape detected as DDS-2

giorgio tobia
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C5683A - DDS-4 tape detected as DDS-2

I have this tape drive on a bunch of pcs with CentOS 4.2 (RHEL clone).
On one of this machines, since last 3 days, backup fails with tar error "Cannot write: No space left on device"
I've noticed that when I load the tape a 'mt -f /dev/st0 status' give me DDS-4 (0x26), but when backup is completed (and failed) same command give me DDS-2 (0x24).
Tapes are all DDS-4.
my backup data is about 12Gb and backup fails on last Gigabyte
I set defdensity with no luck.
any help?
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Re: C5683A - DDS-4 tape detected as DDS-2

I have a similar problem but I am using Backup Exec 10. The tapes report having only an 12GB capacity and the backup promptes for a second tape when it reached the 12GB.