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C5683A (DDS4 SCSI) LVD mode kills scsi cards

xavier darkoz
New Member

C5683A (DDS4 SCSI) LVD mode kills scsi cards

i've been working with this (whole new) external tape drive since 2006 on a scsi bus that was SE terminated (not LVD as the ext. terminator had different led colors in both modes- red: SE, green: LVD).
Then someday, i turned the internal terminator to an LVD one for some reason (performance? power consuption 3.3V Vs 5V ?) on my ATTO UL3D PCI.. since then the computer crashed, and scsi cards kept on dying...
going back to SE mode (forced (native) on an ATTO PSC dual) (this after have killed 1 more UL3D from ebay) everything goes back fine..

i don't really want to bother with an out-of-warranty product runnig fine on an old computer in SE mode, but were these 2006 external SCSI DDS4 running in SE mode only or, finally, mine was defective???