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C6280F only 22GB?

Occasional Contributor

C6280F only 22GB?


I have a C6280F HP Surestore DLT4000 Autoloader for 6 DLT with one drive.

I have connected this drive to a Netserver LH Plus running Windows2000. The drive is shown as a Quantum DLT4000.

When I use Backupexec for backing up only 22GB are backed up. Then I have to change the tape. Used taped are designed for 40/80GB.

Do I have to use a different driver for Windows2000?

Bios is updated to 126.

What can I do to backup 40Gb to one tape?

Thanks for help.
Guido Eidam
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: C6280F only 22GB?

The DLT4000 can store 20 GigaBytes uncompressed on tape - that's the recording limit. 40 GigaBytes would mean a 1:2 compression ration. If your data is pre-compressed, the tape drive's software will not be successful.
Christopher Rupnik
Valued Contributor

Re: C6280F only 22GB?

DLT4000 drives can do 20 GB uncompressed
DLT7000 drives can do 35 GB uncompressed
DLT8000 drives can do 40 GB uncompressed

Easy rule of thumb