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C6365A Swap type tape drive

james gould
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C6365A Swap type tape drive

I have a swap type tape drive - DDS3 attached to an N class
server and would like to know if it can be replaced while the
system is still online?





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Re: C6365A Swap type tape drive

SCSI typically isn't hot pluggable, however, it possibly won't panic your system.
I pull cables out all the time and the thing works.
HP dont recommend it, apparently fuses can blow. Really what you need there is a scsi cable with inline termination in order to do it. These are typically used in MCSG environments Allowing a host to fail and the scsi bus to remain okay.

All I can say is that I've done things like this and never seen any problem other than scsi errors in syslog.log
BUT, if there is a potential panic or fuse problem you could be in more trouble than it's worth. The SC10 BCC is hot pluggable and online replaceable and being scsi similar to your dds, I'm sure there's no problem.

It works for me (tm)