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COMPAQ TL891 Changer

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COMPAQ TL891 Changer

Hay All,

Just have a couple questions

first one .. the connections on the back of the unit . looking at the back of the unit from left to right should be this way ? ..
Scsi to server .
2nd connector interLink to 3rd connector,
4th connector interlink to 5th connector , 6th connector scsi terminator

just making sure i have everthing right .

second question

the tape changer will not be detected on any system i have tried . i have tried different cables . scsi adapters and different servers , Hp , COmpaq, Dell and even clones.
all scsi adapters work and cables are good.

could this just be config issue,
i know that my adapters are working , I have tried adapters on another box/drives they are not conflicting and are working

as far as the changer is conserned it says that the drives are fine and the changers is working well ..

any advice is welcome and i will try just about anthing right now . it has march 2004 firmware on it i think 5.14 ..

thanks and hope to hear something .

Thanks in advance .


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Leslie Martin
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Re: COMPAQ TL891 Changer

The links are ok. The original TL891 used a High Voltage Differential Interface and requires a matching SCSI Adapter. Most modern
servers use Low Voltage differential SCSI adapters/chipsets so you will need to check for this. There ia a TL891 with a LVD Interface but this library is identified as a TL891 DLX.
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Re: COMPAQ TL891 Changer


I will check and See if i have installed the correct card .. i did not know that .

i have searched around and found no documention for the drive/changer on the web

"Mud Adds Value....Especially In Chunks"