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CV TL error

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Darren Poh_1
Frequent Advisor

CV TL error

Hi Gurus,

I had just un-installed CVTL 2.5 and installed the new CVTL 2.6. But i cannot start version of CVTL. It gave me this error:

"An error occurred while trying to in itialize the Jcore logon"

"Not Bound In Registry"

java.lang.Exception: NOT BOUND IN REGISTRY
at com.hp.commandview.tape.common.util.jcore.client.TLJCoreLogon.commonJCoreComponent(
at com.hp.commandview.tape.common.util.jcore.client.TLJCoreLogon.appletJCoreComponent(
at com.hp.commandview.tape.common.util.jcore.client.TLJCoreLogon.getJCoreComponent(
at com.hp.commandview.tape.common.gui.TLBusinessThread.handleInitMsg(
at com.hp.commandview.common.util.msgthread.MessageQueueThread$2.handleThreadMsg(
at com.hp.commandview.common.util.msgthread.MessageQueueThread.invokeMsgHandler(
at Source)

I had re-installed the java with various version 5 and 6. It just cannot work.
Please kindly advise on how to start the CVTL.

Thank you.
Robert Hazel
Occasional Visitor

Re: CV TL error

Hi Darren.

There are a couple of possible problems.

First, it could be that your browser is caching several jar files from the 2.5 version of GUI. Can you clear your java cache? This can be best accomplished by opening the Java applet in the Control Panel of your windows machine where you're running your browser. Select the General tab, then select the delete files button.

Second, it could be that your either your windows client (running the browser) or the management station (where CVTL is installed) or both have firewall settings that are restricting ports. I've attached a document which highlights which lists these ports. These ports must be opened for incoming connections on the management station, and outgoing connections on the client machine.

Let me know if you still have trouble.
Darren Poh_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: CV TL error

Hi Rob,

Thank you for the advise.

I found the problem, is the newly installed antivirus. I need to add rules to permit the java.

Have a nice weekend!
Darren Poh_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: CV TL error

Found solution by adding more rules in the mcafee total protection.
Occasional Visitor

Re: CV TL error

Hi friends,

I face the same problem. for me I have microsoft forefront scan. is there any way that i can exclude the java from that.
Mark From FC
Occasional Visitor

Re: CV TL error

I too have experienced this but even after turning off the antivirus I still get the issue. I've been told it has to do with plugins. Any info is appreciated.