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Cable specification required for DLT drive

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Cable specification required for DLT drive

Hi guys ,
I have a Quantum DLT8000 (40/80GB LVD/SE) that i need to directly hook up to my rp5470 hopefully on the Ultra2 Wide Scsi port on the core i/o port for the next 3 months and after that i will need to hook it up to a rp2470 which again has the same ultra2 wide scsi or i have a 4 port lvd/se scsi card.. i believe the 4 port card doesnt support since i tried and it messed up the config i had there of r DS2100 originally connnected to the card.

so now i am looking for a cable.. i need the specific part number so that i can order the right part.. i am in the middle east and my supplier at the moment is a person in the US.. any suggestions.. Also pls advise if this setup is alright in the first place and i believe i require some patches to enable hardware support for this specific DLT on HP- UX . can anyone pls concur.. ASAP ..
thanx in advance guys

malvin drakley
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Re: Cable specification required for DLT drive

hi victor
You need to tell us the connection on the rear of the DLT8000. If it looks like the normal wide 68 pin connector then the cable you will need is a c2362a or 5183-2653 as a part number. This is a VHDCI to wide 68 pin connector. You will also need a lvd terminator which is a c2364a or a4986-63008 as a part number. Not certain that you need any patches but if you have not got a tape device currently connected you will need to go into SAM and add the tape drivers to the kernel. You can check if the are in the kernel by doing an "ioscan -fnk|more" at boot time and look to see if the device is claimed,
hope this helps you
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