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Cabling or not?

Sasa Popravak
Occasional Visitor

Cabling or not?

Well, the cabling issue makes sense to me when some kind of change made on cabling (another cable, add/remove devices, ...), but what if i get the parity error message after a years of correct functioning and no changes made?

Sasa Popravak
Occasional Visitor

Re: Cabling or not?

Sorry guys, i miss-posted this. Here's message which made me do this posting.

Please forgive my mis-posting :)

Parity errors are almost never a
software/driver problem and very rarely are due to hardware such as the tape drive or HBA.

Most of the time parity errors are caused by something wrong in the SCSI cabling. A frequent and often overlooked cause is too long of a cable or the wong type of cable. Also somewhat common is a bad terminator. Less common but still relatively common is some sort of interference problem. If the server and tape drive are attached to different UPS's there could be a voltage level difference. If there are any high emission electronics anywhere around the cable it can cause signal loss. If there are ferrite beads on the SCSI cables you can lose signal.

Hard to point to anything specific on a problem like this but hopefully this will give you some ideas where you might look.