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Can DAT drives be changed in autoloaders

R. Kwarcia
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Can DAT drives be changed in autoloaders

I have a SureStore DAT24X6 autoloader (c5648a) that has served well for about four years. The heads in the drive have finally worn out, but the autoloader mechanicals are still working fine. I'd like to replace the drive in the changer. I notice that the drive is easily removed from the changer by removing two screws and disconnecting one electrical connector. The drive part number is: c1537-04000. I'd like to know if I can just buy a new drive and install it, or if drives installed in changers are different for some reason. It would also be nice to upgrade to a DDS4 drive. Can a DDS4 drive be installed in a DAT24X6 changer? I also have a DAT40X6 changer, and the changer chassis looks nearly identical to the DAT24X6 chassis. If it is possible to install a DAT40 drive into my changer, what is the part number of the drive I should be looking for?
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Vincent Farrugia
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Re: Can DAT drives be changed in autoloaders


The part number of the DDS3 drive for your autoloader is C5648-20100.

I don't know whether you can order a DDS4 drive and put it in a DDS3 autoloader and work. Can't help you there I'm afraid.

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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Can DAT drives be changed in autoloaders

dds3 and dds4 drives have differents scsi connectors, so be avare about scsi adapters before trying a change
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Re: Can DAT drives be changed in autoloaders

Marino is right about the connectors, but that's not insurmountable if you know where to get the right ones (HP doesn't supply them).

However that is the least of your problems as the DDS3 (and DDS4) mechanism inside is a tad different from the standard trade ready mechanism that we sell. It is physically different as well as sporting different autoloader firmware (which is why it's gets recognised as an autolaoder and not as mechanism).

The only way to change the firmware is to use some special factory code to downgrade the mechanism and then upgrade to the autoloader code. I am afraid that we don't issue that code.

Out of interest the mech part number on that DDS3 is C1537-04000 and you cannot order that either (that may save you some time looking).

I know this may not be the answer that you are looking for but honesty is always the best policy !



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