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Can I erase use Tapes with my HP StorageWorks vs80 1/8 Autoloader

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Can I erase use Tapes with my HP StorageWorks vs80 1/8 Autoloader

Hi all and thanx for your time.

I just got a HP StorageWorks vs80 1/8 Autoloader and some new tapes and some used tapes. To format the new tapes is not a problem. However, when I try to erase or format these used tapes I will get a write protect. These tapes are not write protected.

And of course I am talking DLTtape IV formated and used on different machines.

The way I understand it, I am sure I understand it wrong, is that I can erase these used tapes with some erase tool and format them for my use. i do not want to throw these tapes out of my window.

The tools I am using until today is BackupExec for NetWare 9.10 Rev 1067 and the latest CY05 release of HP L&TT for W2K, W2K Backup and some other Backup Tools.

Please also note: These used Tapes are not defective and are the source from different tape units and different backup software.

Any way to get these use tapes working? Can sombody point me in the right direction.

Thanx again, kmw

Peter Godron
Honored Contributor

Re: Can I erase use Tapes with my HP StorageWorks vs80 1/8 Autoloader

bad news I'm afraid:
See answer to question 2.

Unless, as mentioned, you get the tapes degaussed i.e. erase with electostatic field.

Hope this answers the question.