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Can I use C6364A DDS-3 on my PC?

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Can I use C6364A DDS-3 on my PC?

I'd posted an earlier message about not being able to upgrade my DDS-3 drive and someone responded that my unit was for HP-UX and that I couldnt use the same firmware upgrades. Ok, I get that. But can I use this unit to back up my PC? Can soem difference in enterprise firmware be the reason for my problems?



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Re: Can I use C6364A DDS-3 on my PC?

I think there are only subtle differences in the firmware (on the HP-UX side, the firmware had revision numbers like HP01, HP02), but the switches have more control over the drive behavior.

I recall that I've been able to successfully flash code between types, but only in one direction. Unfortunately, I think it is from distributor (aka PC) firmware to UX firmware, and not the other way.

The product inquiry string (as far as vendor and product ID) are the same, so I don't see why the drive wouldn't work on a PC.

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