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Can not see all drives


Can not see all drives

We have an hpux server running 11.23 and Data Protector.

All of a sudden the server can only see 6 drives from data pro but 8 on an ioscan, no other server has this problem and we have 10 unix servers attached.

I have tried

rm -r /dev/rmt
insf -eC tape
ioscan -fnC tape

None of the above have fixed the problem

the server is san attached
Matthias Danzer
Valued Contributor

Re: Can not see all drives

Hi Marc,

have you checked the hardware patch in the data protector Device configuration for drives? Are these the same pathes as in ioscan?

If you make the ioscan -fnC tape, are the drives in status "CLAIMED" ?

Have you checked if the zoning configuartion on san switches has changed?