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Can someone recommend a tape drive?

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Can someone recommend a tape drive?

We have a customer that is running a Proliant 3000 with Symbios Logic 2280x PCI SCSI Adapter - they need to backup 200gb of data. They are currently using a DLT 15/30GB but have outgrown it.

Milan Kavcak
Occasional Visitor

Re: Can someone recommend a tape drive?

I would recommend a solution that could be carried over to their new server ( which I imagine is not far down the road).

1. Get a Ultra 3 controller ( HP might still have the adaptec 160 still available Part # 154457-B21 (sing ch) or 129803-B21 (dual ch.)

2. The Ultrium 448 EXTERNAL Tape Drive [200GB Native / 400GB Compressed] - ( for the extra couple of buck external tape drive; is the way to go - minimizes down time as you don't have to down the server to remove or troubleshoot the drive as you would with an internal drive; as well you can move it from server to server if need be.) Quickspec for Ultrium half-height drive

Alternatively there is an Ultrium 920 or Ultrium 960 avaible with a 400GB native capacity or 800GB compressed. This will allow for even more future growth.

The ultrium drive will work fine on Ultra 3 but to get the most out the drive's performance a Ultra 320 controller would be required. On the other hand if they upgrade the server in the near future, most HP server have embedded Ultra 320 controllers.
Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: Can someone recommend a tape drive?

Milan makes excellent recommendations.

Although an Ultrium 3 will probably be a bit much for an older Proliant (such as a 300) to handle. It requires a RAID 5 array with mimimum of 8 hard drives for full performance. And a minimum native throughput of 20 mb/s (max native is 80mb/s).

If you want more info on LTO 3 (960) technology the white pages are very useful:

Alternatively you can get an LTO 920 model. Its the half-height 960 drive but a bit more 'tolerable' for performance etc.
Here are the specs:

Here are more inclusive specs: