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Re: Can't get SDLT drives into OBDR mode

Iain Dingsdale
New Member

Can't get SDLT drives into OBDR mode

Hello everyone.

I have 2 SDLT 320 drives here in an external StorageWorks enclosure, which I know are OBDR compatible as I have used it by setting the OBDR mode using the F8 key on boot.

However, I want to use them with a server that doesn't have an F8 prompt for some reason (DL380 G3 with a Smart Array 5i card), so want to use the "eject button" method. (See attached screeshot from iLO)

I must be missing something because I have tried absolutely every combination possible of holding down the eject button and power cycling the drives. My understanding is that I should insert a tape, hold down the button and power cycle the drive until the LEDs flash. The guides arent clear on which LEDs I'm wating for though.

When first powered on, all 3 LEDs flash briefly, if I release the button at that stage, the drive continues in normal mode. After a few seconds the middle activity light flashes, if I wait until this to release the button, the tape ejects - the tape is definitely bootable as I've used it with the F8 method.

If I hold down the button with no tape in the drive, the red "110" light flashes. This doesnt equal OBDR mode, if I put a tape in at this point it goes back to one solid green light, no OBDR. While the "110" light flashes, if I release and press the eject button again, both the activity light and "110" light flash together. Again, no OBDR here, and the flashing stops when I put the tape in.

Someone must know what I'm missing!
Wei Jung
Trusted Contributor

Re: Can't get SDLT drives into OBDR mode

Hello Iain,

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your tape drive doesn't support OBDR mode. In the SDLT family, the only tape drive that supports OBDR was the SDLT600.

Check the matrix
Iain Dingsdale
New Member

Re: Can't get SDLT drives into OBDR mode

I did see that, but I'm just confused about the fact that it works using the F8 key - why would this be?
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Can't get SDLT drives into OBDR mode

if you use F8 you are using a bios feature of the server in order to boot from tape

if you use OBDR ( "One button" disaster recovery ) you are using a button on the tape drive itself to make it emulate a cdrom and be presented to the host as a bootable device

similar functions but different ways