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Can`t get out cartridge from VS80 ;-(

Oleg Kraev
Occasional Visitor

Can`t get out cartridge from VS80 ;-(

Please sorry by my bad English.

I insert cartridge DLTIV in my VS80 internal drive and I can`t get out it back.
Drive flash 'drive error' led and light 'ready' led. I press 'Eject' button, but drive do not get out my cartridge.
Windows 2000 say me: 'No tape in drive' and not eject cartridge.
Wath I must doing?
Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: Can`t get out cartridge from VS80 ;-(


Your cartridge might have stucked inside the drive. You may need to contact a Hardware engineer inorder to open the drive and remove the cartridge from that.

Check whether the cartridge label is creating a problem or not.

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David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Can`t get out cartridge from VS80 ;-(

Shiju mentioned that the label could be a problem, and I thought I would expand on this. One common cause of DLT tape jams is the use of any labels other than the one in the Front Slide Slot (typically used for a bar code is tape libraries).

Using labels on the top, bottom, sides, or rear of the cartridge can cause the tape to jam, and potentially damage the drive. (See attached excerpt from Quantum tape case insert).

Some 3rd party data vaulting companies apparently like applying their own bar code labels to the sides of tapes, which unfortunately can cause problems.
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Jeff Technician 7
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Re: Can`t get out cartridge from VS80 ;-(

Hi Oleg

Something else to try would be removing the SCSI cable from the back of the drive and rebooting your server/pc with the scsi cable removed. This is in case the scsi card is causing the prevention of media from your drive.