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Can't see single ended DLT 4000S

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Can't see single ended DLT 4000S

Hi all,

I have an K460, and I am trying to connect a DLT 4000S. The problem is that on the HP9000 Core I/O board - there is a Fast Wide Diff SCSI connector marked up as X/0. The connector on the DLT 4000S is a single ended.
I have connected a 50 Pin male to 68 Pin male cable to connect the DLT to the server, and terminated the DLT with a SE terminator, but I cannot see the DLT device. The DIP switches on the 4000S are set to :

1 - up (on)
2 - up (on)
3 - up (on)
4 - up (on)
5 - up (on)
6 - down (off)
7 - down (off)
8 - down (off)
9 - down (off)
10 - down (off)
11 - down (off)
12 - down (off)

An ioscan -fn comes back with the attached output.

There is no SE connector on the K460. I've even tried another SE DLT Compaq drive which it also did not see.

I've also tried another Hp cable !

Any ideas.

Thanks in advance

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Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: Can't see single ended DLT 4000S

You cant plug an SE DLT drive onto an HP FW Diff 68 pin connector - even if you have a cable to do it. You must have a 50 pin SCSI SE controller on your HP to connect.
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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Can't see single ended DLT 4000S

Kids, don't try this at home!!! The HVD SCSI on the K-box is totally incompatible with SE-SCSI. There is a very real chance that you can damage both your tape drive and the interface and the terminator.

One option is to use an HVD/LVD-SE bus convertor. Blackbox Corp. is one source for such a device.
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Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Can't see single ended DLT 4000S


You can also buy a SE SCSI board part number 28655A and attach your DLT4000S to it. I guess you can find it remarketed.

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Michael Lampi
Trusted Contributor

Re: Can't see single ended DLT 4000S

The above replies are all true. You can not succeed in directly connecting a Single Ended SCSI device to a High Voltage Differential (Fast Wide Diff, as on your HP server) SCSI bus.

You are more likely to damage the HVD SCSI controller than the SE tape drive, due to the wiring of the SE SCSI bus.

However, you can connect the SE DLT drives using a SE to HVD converter, as suggested above. The converter costs several hundred US$, and can be obtained from Paralan, Rancho Technologies, Black Box, etc., and their resellers, such as the one I work for (
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