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Cannot connect RMI through WAN on MSL2024

Thomas Goldbeck
Frequent Advisor

Cannot connect RMI through WAN on MSL2024

I have 2 MSL2024, each located in a separate LAN. Both LANs were parts of a WAN. I can ping all nodes in remote LANs. The gateways-config on the MSL is correct. When a MSL in a remote LAN reboots, I can ping (ping -t) it from within the local LAN. After I tried to connect the web-interface (IE5.0 / 7.0) the ping stopped. The browser itself showed no reaction, no failure, seeming still opening the webinterface. In local LAN the browser opened the login page (login.ssi)immediately of the MSL.

This behaviour is the same in both directions ! Being in the resp. local area I have no problems to logon to the webinterface but is is not possible to connect via WAN.

I have checked all routings etc. everything works. I can connect every node (also a webinterface for a DELL PV136T)in the remote LAN but not the MSL2024 webinterface.

Does someone have an idea ????