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Cannot see Tape drive with ioscan

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Kalin Evtimov
Regular Advisor

Cannot see Tape drive with ioscan

Hi everybody!

I have a DLT72 in a TapeArray5300, but it doesn`t work anymore. I am not very familiar eith hardware stuff, but sa far as I understood, the drive should be seen at least from ioscan.
I don't see it there. What output should I actually look for, the DLT or the TapeAray. Can you tell me more about how to fix whether this is due to hardware or a software problem?
Valued Contributor

Re: Cannot see Tape drive with ioscan

Hi kalin,

do ioscan -fnCtape
it should list all the tape devices connected to system.
If it not listing,check the SCSI cable.
confirm thaat drive is DLT drive is powerd ON.
Also check SCSI compatibility between SCSI interface and DLT drive.

Kalin Evtimov
Regular Advisor

Re: Cannot see Tape drive with ioscan

ioscan doesn't return anything. SCSI-Controller is working 100%, because it was tested with another tape drive. So, either the tapedrive is broken, or the cabel or maybe the terminator.

Will check this and fix and post if something interesting occurs.

Thank you.
Satish M.S.
Valued Contributor

Re: Cannot see Tape drive with ioscan

I presume you have a DAT 72 in a Tape Array 5300. Also, you indicate that ioscan didn't CLAIM the device. Kindly try the following:

1. Reseat the tape drive. Run ioscan to see if it is claimed or not.

2. Also, kindly go to 'sam - kernel config - drivers' to see if the 'stape' or 'tape2' are added to the kernel and the status should show 'IN'.

Do let us know about the progress.