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Cant see eml 103e drives

Occasional Contributor

Cant see eml 103e drives

OS: Windows 2003 Enterprise

Have setup a new san (dual fabric, using brocade 4/64's) and have attached an EML103e library (one port to each fabric)
Have also attached one server (again, dual fibre, one port to each fabric, using emulex fibre cards).

Using HBAnywhere it reports the HBA's can see the E2400FC-4G.

Using Command View TL I can use secure manager to present the 2 drives and robotics in the EML to the 2 HBA's (which are listed in the known hosts/hba list). BUT, the server never picks up any new devices... surely it should at least pick up some unknown devices?

Any advice?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Cant see eml 103e drives

Sorted it, thanks anyways.