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Changing Sure Store DAT24i

Erik Rios
Occasional Contributor

Changing Sure Store DAT24i

I Have a NetServer LC2000 and the Sure Store Device has Damage.
How Change the Device, just replace, both Devices and unplug & plug Cables.....or modify a jumper on the Hardware.

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Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing Sure Store DAT24i


If you are asking the steps to change the drive, then :

1) shutdown the server.
2) remove the front pannel and cabinet covers.
3) Remove the screws and cables from the drive.
4) Check the jumber setting and set the same in the new drive.
5) Install new drive and connect cables.
6) Screw it up and fix back the cabinet and front cover.

For a graphical view of this, check this out:

Also for a complete guide for LC netservers:


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